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Ascendant and rising sign

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Ascendant horoscope - rising sign astrology

In Astrology, Ascendants (also called rising signs) typically give more depth to determining one's personality than only the Zodiac sign (Sun sign) does. Many of us only know our Zodiac sign but are unaware that this is just basic Astrology. To get a far more detailed profile Astrologers look at the

Rising sign


Moon sign

too. Many Astrologers are convinced that the Rising sign, als known as, Ascendant horoscope is just as important or maybe even more important than our Zodiac sign.

A character or personality has many layers and is complicated, therefore only one description of a zodiac sign isn't enough. Two equal zodiac signs might appear as two completely different characters. This is where the Ascendant horoscope comes in.

Where your Zodiac sign describes our true nature and our ego, the rising sign describes our appearance to the external world. It is the way we interact with others and how we present ourselves. Some say that the Ascendant is our public mask as we hide our true nature (our zodiac sign) behind it. Therefore, it is sees as the defense mechanism which everyone has and uses to cope with unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations.

The Ascendant horoscope also describes what we attract in life; are you searching for power, love, beauty or something else? Some Astrologers believe the rising sign relates to your physical appearance and health too.

Some people say that the more you develop and accept yourself for who you are, the more the effect of the Ascendant horoscope will disappear and your true Zodiac sign will be present.

The Rising sign, also known as Ascendant horoscope, is determined not only by your birthday but also by the time and place you were born. Curious what your Rising sign is? Use our

Rising sign calculator

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