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Horoscope Article | Buddha Fortune Teller

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The Buddha fortune teller online

What's the difference betwee the two fortune tellers?

Here at www.my-fortune-teller.com we have next to our fortune teller online also the Buddha fortune teller online. In this article, we will explain the difference between both fortune tellers by telling you more about the Buddha teachings, because our Buddha fortune teller online uses the teachings of the Buddha to answer your questions!

The fortune teller's explanation of Buddhism.

Buddhism expresses the profound wish to contribute to a happier world. A world in which more love is shared amongst all living beings. Where people live in Harmony and Compassion by showing mutual respect. The Buddhist teachings say that the solutions to our problems are from within. Buddhism teaches that you have to take responsibility for your actions and understanding."

The answers regarding your future of our Buddha fortune teller online are therefore based on Harmony and Compassion and taking responsibility for your life circumstances.

What does the 'awakening' of Buddha mean?

According to Buddhism the enlightenment implies that he realized complete insight into the cause of Suffering, and the steps necessary to eliminate it. Once eliminated one can reach Nirvana a perfect state of peace of mind. This state of mind is completely free from any egotistical mind states such as ignorance, greed, hatred, desire, craving and so forth. There is no personal identity Present, only presence of the supreme Reality. The enlightened one sees all as it really is, not as we wish to see them. One is detached from Ego, does not dwell in the past or longs for the future and knows that the present moment is the only reality. It is a feeling of complete calmness and from this state of mind being able to observe everything that exists as the ultimate observer. Hopefully the answers of our Buddha fortune teller online will give you a glimpse of this calmness.

Five precepts used by the Buddha fortune teller online

The Buddhist teachings has five rules of moral conduct that one should adhere to. These are called the Five Precepts. A Buddhist practitioner vows to:

  • Refrain from killing
  • Refrain from taking what is not given
  • Refrain from sexual misconduct
  • Refrain from false speech
  • Refrain from using substances that intoxicate the mind

The Buddha fortune teller online uses these five precepts when answering your question regarding your future prediction.

Future predictions by the Buddha fortune teller online

So as you have read, the Buddha was a very wise man and his teachings still hold approximately 2.500 years later. Do you want your future prediction by the Buddha fortune teller online? He will give advice regarding your future for free! Remember that no one can predict your future, you are responsible for your future. Use the Buddha fortune teller wisely. See whether the advice serves you to know your future better!

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