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Chakra Astrology

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Are Chakras and Astrology related?

Chakra Astrology is the connection between the 7 Chakras and the Astrology Zodiac Signs. Many believe that our Zodiac signs are related to one of the Indian Chakras, that is to say, each of us has a power Chakra sign. This is a Chakra which comes natural to us, the one that symbolizes our inner strength.

The 7 chakras are centers along the spine through which our energy flows. Although each of us has a specific Chakra sign, every one of us has all of the Chakras present. The easiness with which the energy flows through tells us something about its functioning. A chakra can be open which means it functions well and all the sensations and emotions related to this chakra are in balance. But a chakra can be blocked too. In that case the related energy can't be felt or causes negative sensation or emotions. In India many healers help people to relieve blockages in their Chakras so that the energy can flow freely afterwards.

Chakra Astrology explains your natural power Chakra, the one Chakra sign from which you'll derive your energy. Use our Chakra Horoscope to find the connection between your zodiac sign and chakra!

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