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Articles | Celebrities and fortune tellers

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Five celebrities who use a fortune teller

Future predictions & fortune tellers in history

Throughout history fortune tellers, psychics and mediums have had substantial influence in world history. Kings, presidents, warlords and other influential people often used the advice of a fortune teller in order to decide whether to fight a war or not. Other areas of advice by fortune tellers included natural situations in order to predict the harvest in a particular area.

Nowadays a fortune teller continues to play an important role. Next to fortune tellers you come across lots of esoteric practices such as: tarot card readers, crystal ball readers, hand palm readers, psychic readings, healing stones and more.

Many people make use of fortune tellers in order to predict their future. They ask the fortune teller advice with regard to their relationships, career, finance and other matters they deem important.

Although celebrities might already be famous, have money and are generally good looking as well, this does not mean they do not struggle with life. Maybe it is due to the fact that they are so famous, and their privacy is invaded on a structural basis, that they are in need of a fortune teller

Sometimes we tend to forget, but our celebrities are human just as we are. Hence, they can be helped by the advice given by a psychic or fortune teller as well. Here we name a few celebrities that are known to make use of a fortune teller to predict their future.

Brad Pitt visits a fortune teller

Various news sources have claimed that Brad Pitt visits fortune tellers frequently. Why Brad turns for help to a fortune teller is not known. Speculation ranges from choosing successful roles to just having a more general future prediction. Amongst others he visits Ron Bard also known as psychic to the stars.

George Clooney visits a psychic medium

Sources claim that George Clooney consulted a psychic medium in order to communicate with his loved pet who died.

Taylor Swift her psychic predicted her success

Taylor is open about her relationship with a psychic. She told in an interview that her fame was predicted before she actually became famous. When she was twelve years old a palm reader predicted here future by saying that the planet would know her brand.

Cameron Diaz

She was seen with a fortune teller that does tea leaf readings in Hollywood. So, although Cameron seems to have it all she was struggling with life as well or at least was interested to have someone predict here future.

Denise Richards

Various sources say that Denise consults a psychic medium in order to communicate with her mom who has passed. Maybe just to reach out to her mom or ask for some parental advice as she's a mom herself as well.

Fortune tellers advice to celebrities

Fortune tellers gain also trust of the celebrities. Hopefully their advice comes as pragmatic and helps the celebrities in managing their, often hectic, lives. Whether the consult is related to: communicating with loved ones that have passed, future predictions or making decisions it seems fortune tellers keep having their influence in world history.

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