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Article | Fortune tellers in movie

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Five famous fortune tellers in movies

Future predictions, psychics & mediums in film

In an earlier blog, we had a closer look at fortune tellers in music. In this blog, we will have a look at some famous fictional fortune tellers. The power of fortune tellers and their future predictions have always intrigued us and for that reason they have appeared in film, comic books, novels and tv series. Whether the fortune teller could "only" look into the future or communicate with the ones that have passed away they have always aroused our attention.

Psychic in Poltergeist

Tangina Barrons is a powerful psychic that features in the movie Poltergeist. She's able to read minds and she's able to feel frequencies of spirits. In the movie, she shows her mind reading capabilities and also, she shows her power to make future predictions

Mind reader Mel Gibson

In "What women want" Mel Gibson plays Nick Marshall. Nick, an egotistical womanizer, discovers he can read the minds of all women after an electric shock he receives. This does not make him a fortune teller , but definitely a mind reader. Initially this is quite a shock to him as most women are not that positive about Nick. In this movie Nick uses his new gift to improve his relationships with the ladies by being more respectful and understanding, which improves his future.

Psychic Professor X from the X-men

Not only can Charles Francis Xavier predict the future and read one's mind. He's also able to control the mind and thoughts of others. In the X-men he's considered as the most powerful psychic that lives on our planet.

Psychic abilities in the sixth sense

In this thriller, the protagonist is a young boy who sees dead people. That doesn't make him a fortune teller nor is the gift something he wants to have. The boy is actually troubled by his ability as he can't control how and where the ghosts contact him. Next to that the ghosts appear as how they looked when they died, which is often in a wounded state. The ghosts however, reach out to him in order to have their mystery around their death solved. The boy is able to use his psychic abilities for instance to recover surveillance video tapes that prove a young girl was poisoned by her own mother.

Cristopher Walken in Dead Zone with fortune teller abilities

In this movie based on a Stephen King novel, Christopher walken plays Johnny Smith. Johnny wakes from a coma after a car accident to find out that he has lost five years of his life and that he has obtained psychic powers. He is able to see the future very clearly. His new fortune teller abilities seem to be a gift at first, but leads to causing him problems as well when he realizes that a presidential candidate is focusing on nuclear domination.

Famous fortune tellers in film

These five fortune tellers are just a few of many that have featured in film. As long as film exists fortune tellers, psychics and mediums have featured in them.

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