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Fortune Teller - lyrics by the Rolling Stones

Fortune Tellers in music

Fortune Tellers have been popular for many centuries. In the last century, some very well-known artists have dedicated a song about the future predictions that were given by a fortune teller. Amongst others were the Rolling Stones in 1963, The Who in 1970 and Robert Plant in 2007.

Fortune Teller by the Rolling Stones

Here we give the lyrics to see what appealed to these famous artists about the fortune teller. It tells the story of a young man who is pleased to learn from a fortune teller that he will find love "When the next one arrives". Next day he returns, angry that nothing has happened, but falls in love with the fortune teller. They get married and are as "happy as we could be", and he gets his "fortune told for free.""

Lyrics Fortune Teller - The Rolling Stones

Went to the Fortune teller

To have my fortune read

I didn't what to tell her

I had a dizzy feeling in my head

Said she'd take a look at my palm

Said "Son do you feel kind of warm?"

And she looked into her crystal ball

Said "You're in love."

Said it could not be so,

Not with all the girls I know.

Said when the next one arrives

Looking into her eyes.

I left there in a hurry

Much to my big surprise

The next thing I discovered

The fortune teller told me lies

So I ran back to that woman

Mad as I could be

Told her I didn't see nobody

How she made a fool out of me

At last something shook me

As if it came down from above

And now the fortune teller

And I fell in love

Now I'm a happy fellow

Well, I am married to the Fortune teller

Well happy as me can be

Now I get my fortune told for free

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