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Fortune Telling

Fortune telling is the practice of predicting information about a person's life. It's different from the practice of divination although the scope is in principal identical. The difference is that divination is considered part of religious rituals whereas fortune telling implies a less serious or formal setting. It is about guidance, spiritual and practical advisory and positive affirmations.


We at www.my-fortune-teller.com are advocates of this concept of fortune tellers. We give you free Fortune teller advice in order to know yourself better. We believe that predicting the future is more about setting direction about what you want in the future. Choosing goals that are too strict often don't work and therefore we believe that the direction is more important. Therefore, the future predictions of our fortune tellers are sign posts that help you set direction and follow your heart based on positive affirmations. And hopefully the future predictions will help you in times of adversity. Please also understand that adversity will always be there, it's universal and part of being human. Accept that we need adversity in order to grow and move forward.

Spiritual development

As you are currently reading this article about future predictions & fortune tellers it seems that you are someone that spends time & effort on personal / spiritual development. That is great news as in our society, where things are changing so rapidly, it is important to keep in mind our own principles and needs. Reason being that not living your life, but other people's agenda's is one of the causes for many of us to feel anxious, stressed and / or uncomfortable in their day-to-day life. If one is able to stay true to its owns beliefs and principles life can become more pleasant, balanced and peaceful.

You are responsible - know your future

Understanding yourself is the key to be able to live a life of love, compassion and happiness instead of anger, hatred and ill will. Understand that if you feel happy you will spread happiness and when you feel miserable you will spread misery. You are responsible to choose your own response. This universal law always applies. You are responsible in this moment for what the future will bring to you. By knowing yourself in this moment you also 'know your future'.

If you continuously try to bring your good intentions into practice you will discover that 'what you sow is what you reap'. Focus on your positive personality traits and be aware of your negative personality traits without condemning yourself for having them. This will make your future life and that of the one's around you much more pleasant and easy.

No one can predict your future

No one can predict your future. However, it is possible to learn more about your future life leading to live a happier life. It's our profound wish that our fortune tellers help you deal with your adversity and negative experiences and help you find learnings about these experiences. In that way, your negative experience becomes a positive experience.

As you are responsible for your future we recommend to try all future predictions for free!! Try our:

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