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Article | Future predictions online

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Future predictions - how do fortune tellers predict your future?

Future predictions

Future predictions are often related to psychic readings. Many people seek counseling of a medium or psychic in order to know what will happen in the future. Basically, www.my-fortune-teller.com is of the opinion that the greatest purpose of visiting a psychic or using one of our themes on our website is to confirm what you already know yourself. Probably your intuition is already telling you something and a fortune teller, psychic or medium can confirm that direction. It's confirming your gut feeling a second opinion so to say.

Future predictions indicate a direction, they are not a destination

That future predictions don't always materialize is because the future predictions a fortune teller would give you is a snapshot in time. They might be feeling / seeing the direction in which you are heading at that point in time, however they don't see the point specifically in the future. Hence, if after you have consulted your (online) fortune teller you suddenly change and act differently the snapshot that was taken during your reading will therefore also change and hence the future prediction will be not so clear to notice if it happens in the future.

No one can predict your future

For this reason, we always say "no one can predict your future". With this we mean to say that everybody possesses a free will and this free will causes that we can deviate from the path we are currently walking. For that reason, future predictions don't always come true, because all we are is changing.

Not only do you possess free will, also other people have free will. Hence, if many other people are part of the future prediction that you received from your future teller the chance increases that the future prediction will be less accurate. Also, the time spam involved influences the accuracy of your future predictions. The further away it is in the future the more uncertainty is added into the equation.

You are responsible for your future

Next to that we at www.my-fortune-teller.com also say "you are responsible". In this context, you could say that a future prediction is just as snapshot in time and therefore it's wise not to change your entire life around what a fortune teller has told you. As mentioned earlier, see it as a second opinion. If it resonates with you go with it, if it's completely off, leave it. Trust yourself, because eventually you are in a better position to know what is exactly going on in your life. Hence, your interpretation is probably more accurate. Having said that, understand that there is just a small difference between what you wish for (e.g. a romantic relationship) and what you feel intuitively about this scenario. If you want this romantic relationship so bad you might be pushing aside all the intuitive signals you are getting and be full in denial of reality.

These people might reach out to multiple fortune tellers, psychics and future tellers until they get the answer they were looking for. Although maybe the answer may make you happy in the short run, you're manipulating the long term outcome and hence your future prediction will not materialize.

Try our future predictions

Still looking for a future prediction? Future predictions are based on your current life situation. Our tool uses questions related to your love life, your relationships with family and friends, your health and your career and finances in order to help you to know how you relate to certain aspects in your life and how you perceive them. Based on your input our future predictions tool will provide you with a future prediction. Be your own future teller! Take responsibility and apply the future predictions to overcome life challenges easier. With the right mindset, you can know and create your own future! Future predictions

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