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Horoscope elements

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Horoscope elements: fire signs, water signs, air signs and earth signs

Did you know that your horoscope zodiac sign is actually part of one of the elements? You might be a fire sign, water sign, air sign or earth sign! Within western astrology all of the zodiac signs are divided in these 4 elements and it is believed that these elements have great influences on your character.

Each of the elements stands for personality traits and within the element group the zodiac signs have them in common. Element signs differ in the way they express this personality trait. For example, all water signs have in common that they are focussed on people and relationships. But where a Scorpio has the ability to see through people and have deep conversations, the Pisces is the caretaker and is compassionate.

It is interesting to understand the influence of the element on your horoscope and which of the other zodiac signs accompanies you in these traits. As well as it might explain why at times you seem to have difficulties working together with a person. For example, a Fire sign who is full of energy and wants quick solutions might find it hard working together with an Earth sign who wants to think things over making sure it is the right decision.

In Astrology the elements help you understand why you do the things you do. As the classification is simple but clear it becomes easier to understand other people too. This might help you in becoming more effective in your personal life and professional life.

Fire signs horoscope

Fire signs are passionate, impulsive and have lots of energy. These horoscope zodiac signs like to take risks and search for adventure. They enjoy new things as this gives them an adrenaline rush which they love. Fire elements can be unpredictable and temperamental: a small flame can suddenly explode to a huge fire. These zodiac signs all have in common that they are courageous. Fire signs can be a bit self-centred and can ignore the feelings of others.

Water signs horoscope

Water signs stand for connection, relationships and feelings. These horoscope zodiac signs highly relate to their feelings and intuition. Water elements are sensitive and often sense what is going on with someone. As well they are sensitive for critics and like to receive feedback in a decent and indirect way. They will never solely make a decision based on rational. Water signs are driven by a deep sense of purpose and connect to others by having profound and meaningful conversations.

Air signs horoscope

Air signs stand for thoughts, ideas and knowledge. These horoscope zodiac signs have lots of energy which predominantly is stimulated by their constant drive to make new plans or new ideas. Air elements are mainly in their head and often have difficulties to connect with their emotions. Others love to talk to Air signs as they have a constant flow of new ideas and are literally refreshing like the wind. Air signs like to talk to others and share their thoughts.

Earth signs horoscope

Earth signs are known for their determination, loyalty and trustworthiness. These horoscope Zodiac signs are focussed on the goal and often succeed in reaching it by using their discipline and willpower. Earth elements dislike change as this risks their sense of security. They like to control things as they are eager to follow the path they imagined to reach the goal. Earth signs might be materialistic, so they like nice things or things that comfort them.

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