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Moon Sign

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Moon sign, your subconscious horoscope sign

Did you know that in Astrology not only the sun determines your personality characteristics but also the moon has an important role to play? Often people only know their zodiac sign (also called sun sign) and this tells us much about one's personality. But where the sun sign describes your true nature, the moon sign symbolizes the unconscious part of your personality.

It makes sense that there are more influences on the human character because of its complexity. Often it feels like there are more layers to another person's character. It is impossible that one zodiac description could summarize that all. How often have you met people with the same zodiac sign that are nearly identical? That seems impossible. The moon sign however could help you understand another layer of your personality as it gives more depth to it. Chances are you'll recognize much more about yourself when reading your Moon sign. Afterwards it's wise to combine both Sun and Moon sign descriptions to figure out which traits are contradictory and might be interesting to pay attention to.

The Moon sign according to Astrology, is connected to our emotional wellbeing and personal development. It shows us who we really are deep down and why we do the things we do. It is where we find comfort and peace but also fear and anger. The moon sign is said to symbolize our instinct and intuition in horoscopes. They are the things we do without thinking, following the unconscious. Our family and dearest friends often are the only ones who know this side of you.

The moon astro is calculated in more complex way as it is influenced by your place of birth and exact time of birth. Are you curious for your Moon sign?

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