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Numerology, a magical world of numbers

In the world of numerology each single number has its own significance and is related to one's personality. The widely-known mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras was the one who combined the mathematical disciplines to spiritual beliefs for the first time. He believed that numbers were easier to regulate and classify things. According to him everything has numerical relationships and therefore its own meaning. Even humans do.

The 9 numbers of Numerology all have their own significance. For example, the 2 stands for harmony and peace. It's a sensitive number. But for example, the 7 is an outgoing number which is searching for adventure and personal experience. Each number has its own characteristics in this way and connect to different personalities.

The single most important number in Numerology is your Life Path number. This number is based on the birthdate and describes people's personalities. In Numerology, it is believed that every one of us has his own unique number that tells a lot about who you are and why you act the way you do. Nowadays Numerology is widely recognized and used in papers and magazines next to horoscopes. People from all cultures are fascinated by their meaning of them and their power to inspire.

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