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Sun Rising Moon Sign

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Astrology: Sun sign, Rising sign and Moon sign

Did you know Western Astrology as the majority of us know it, can be much more specific than just knowing your Zodiac sign? In Western countries we usually know our Zodiac sign as the mechanism that describes our personality. But this is only a simplified way of looking at your astrology profile. More specific, there are three main signs influencing your character: the sun sign, the rising sign and the moon sign.

Sun sign - Ego

The Sun sign is the Zodiac sign which most of us know in Astrology. It describes our nature, the behavior that we are most comfortable with. The Sun sign stands for the ego and describes your characters' essential qualities. It is the core of who you are. The Sun sign is easily determined because it depends on the date you were born. But as you might have noticed, people with the same Sun sign can be quite different from each other. This is because the Sun sign isn't the only factor that determines your personality. The Moon sign and Rising sign are just as important for your astrology horoscope. Curious what your zodiac sign has to tell you about 2022?

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Moon Sign - Inner self

The Moon sign in Astrology stands for your inner self. It is your emotional, softer side where feelings and instinct take over. The moon sign is your subconscious self. At times you might actually feel that your moon sign characteristics are more present than your sun sign. For example, when you are a sensitive person or when you feel well connected with your instinct. But as well it can happen that your moon sign characteristics are hidden within you. Often only the people that are closest to you can recognize your moon sign. As your moon sign represents your inner self and your feelings, you might experience that you wish to live more according to the moon sign traits. It takes some courage and vulnerability to connect to your inner self and show others who you are deep down. But it is worth the practice as your Moon sign is an important part of you. Curious what your Moon sign is?

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Rising sign (Ascendant sign) - Appearance

The Rising sign or Ascendant in Astrology symbolizes your appearance to the outer world. The Rising sign was the rising planet on the Eastern horizon at the moment you were born. The Ascendant is the way your present yourself. The Rising sign stands for your aspirations in life and it determines your perspective on the world. Some say that the Rising sign is your public mask; it is the way you would like others to see you. But it also describes what you attract in life; are you searching for power, love, beauty or something else? The Rising sign (Ascendant) is determined not only by your birthday but also by the time and place you were born.

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