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Aquarius | Ascendant Horoscope

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Aquarius Ascendant rising sign

Aquarius rising sign

People with the Aquarius ascendant rising sign are keen on progression. They are often curious people who are interested in meeting new people or discovering new things. Aquarius rising signs like to be different and see things often from a different perspective. They are inventive and like to create. Often Aquarius rising find a way to express their creativity in for example music or dance.

Aquarius rising signs are intelligent and independent. At times they might be a bit unpredictable for others as their creative mind wanders in all sorts of directions. Others perceive the Aquarius ascendant as kind and friendly. They are nice company and fun to be around with. As the rising Aquarius horoscope has an idealistic nature they often work in the humanitarian field.

The Aquarius ascendant is part of the horoscope element Air which stands for thoughts, ideas and knowledge. These people have lots of energy which predominantly is stimulated by their constant drive to make new plans or new ideas. Air people are very social and like having discussions on topics which interest them. Aquarius rising sign feels comfortable when they are inside their head but they feel quite out of control when it comes to feelings. To them feelings at times are something scary which makes them feel insecure. Air horoscopes rather talk about the things they know instead of the things they feel. For others at times this might seem a bit superficial. For Air zodiac signs it is their challenge to discover the value of feelings.

Although the Aquarius ascendant rising sign is good in planning the future or analyzing the past, they have however some trouble with living in the present. For Aquarius rising it feels that they can't control the things that happen in the Now. As well they should understand that life in itself is uncertain and therefore uncontrollable. This is what makes life worthwhile.

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