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Cancer | Ascendant Horoscope

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Cancer Ascendant rising sign

Cancer rising sign

The cancer ascendant rising sign stands for people that are sensitive and intuitive. Cancer risings sense what others need and they are therefore of great help to many. People with this rising sign in their horoscope are kind and caring. The Cancer rising signs are gentle and friendly people who are comfortable and easy people to be around with.

The Cancer rising sign can be shy at times while meeting people or starting something new. But after a short time in which the Cancer ascendant takes the time to ease, he'll be able to connect to others in a very profound way. They like having good and meaningful conversations and are excellent listeners. This horoscope rising sign isn't very good in chitchat as he prefers to get to know people well and is curious to learn from others. Home is important to the cancer ascendant as this is the place where he feels safe and where he can recuperate from all the impulses that he gets from the outer world.

When the Cancer ascendant isn't in a good mood, their sensitivity might turn into becoming moody, indecisive and overly sensitive. The cause to this is often his insecurity. Try to practice awareness of your emotions Cancer rising. Observe what happens and don't judge, simply let it be. You'll notice that by simply observing your emotions, the outcoming behavior will change.

Cancer rising signs are often creative and have a big imagination. They are however easy to be influenced by others as they strive for harmony and are concerned for the others wellbeing more than their own. Remember that you first need to take good care of yourself before you can take care of others. Love yourself is the advice of your horoscope ascendant.

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