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Capricorn | Ascendant Horoscope

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Capricorn Ascendant rising sign

Capricorn rising sign

People with the Capricorn ascendant rising sign are determined and ambitious. Whenever Capricorn rising signs set a goal they most likely will achieve it because of their hard work and ability to focus. Capricorn horoscopes are reliable people and others like them because they offer them security and loyalty.

The Capricorn rising sign is part of the Horoscope element Earth which means they are literally down to earth. Although Capricorns are serious and reliable people, they do have a lighter side and can be great fun. Earth people like the Capricorn ascendants are not very fond of change. They prefer to have full control over de situation and dislike risks that bring their stability in doubt.

Capricorn rising signs are materialistic as they get a sense of security out of possessing things. They are aware of how they look and how others perceive them. For Capricorn rising signs their life challenge is to every once and a while take a risk and change something. The great thing about life is that everything is uncertain and therefore everything is possible! When you never change anything, you'll never experience if something else would even better work for you. Capricorn ascendant horoscopes will see that life will be more fulfilling if they change every once and a while.

As Capricorns are self-aware and are focused on making a good impression on others, sometimes it's hard to see that deep down they are insecure and doubt about their future. It would help the Capricorn rising sign to every once and a while let the walls down and show your true feelings to others. You'd be amazed how much love and compassion you will get in return. And the perspective of others can really help you develop further. You don't have to do everything on your own Capricorn ascendant and not everything needs to be perfect. You are human too.

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