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Gemini | Ascendant Horoscope

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Gemini Ascendant rising sign

Gemini rising sign

The Gemini rising sign is quick, ever moving and curious for everything that is happening around him. His curiosity is his talent; in his search for answers he will connect well with others and always bring interesting topics to the table. People with the Gemini Ascendant horoscope sign are great in analyzing people or situations. Gemini ascendants are very flexible and can easily adapt to what is happening. They are energetic and love a good chat with others. Astrology states that Gemini rising signs are social extroverts who are at times eccentric and who are always good company.

These rising signs are charming and take care of their beloved ones as they are generous and warm-hearted. People with the Gemini Ascendant horoscope like to help others as much as they can. Because of their intelligence and curiosity, they are very well capable of finding solutions others wouldn't.

Some people might find the Gemini rising a bit superficial as they are talkative and switch subjects quick. Gemini ascendants are part of the air element which means they use their mind over heart. Air horoscopes rather talk about the things they know instead of the things they feel. For Air zodiac signs like Gemini rising sign it is their challenge to discover the value of feelings. As well they should understand that life in itself is uncertain and therefore uncontrollable. This is what makes life worthwhile. Feelings therefore are something to embrace. Due to the high energy levels of the Gemini Ascendant he or she can feel somewhat tensed at times and act nervously. Because they are often in search for answers they always have something on their mind which makes them restless.

The Gemini rising likes his freedom and is not keen on routine and schedules. They prefer to have the freedom to do what they like to do at the moment they prefer to do so. These rising signs are often creative people who are great in creating big and innovative ideas.

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