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Leo | Ascendant Horoscope

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Leo Ascendant rising sign

Leo rising sign

The leo rising sign is strong and charismatic and will draw attention of others immediately. This ascendant has grace and positive energy and with his enthusiasm he will affect others in a positive way. They are great in promoting products, people or anything that needs selling. As well they are talented in motivating others which makes them excellent team managers.

As the Leo ascendant horoscope signs are charismatic and powerful from nature, others immediately acknowledge them as leaders. Together with their enthusiasm, motivational talent and creativity, this makes them excellent leaders. Leo rising signs' creativity helps them to create solutions to problems others weren't able to find. As the Leo ascendant is quite convincing it goes to show that they are able to set things and people in motion.

The Leo rising horoscope is generous towards others and they have great faith in the capabilities of others. People like to be friends with Leo's because of this trait. People with the leo ascendant might at times become overly confident. In this state others might perceive him arrogant and inattentive as they have the tendency to neglect the needs of others. The leo rising sign is direct in his communication and will tell others if he doesn't agree with something. This is a good trait as long as the Leo rising says it with a compassionate heart and listens to the reply. As stubbornness is not unfamiliar to the Leo ascendant, they are not always open to the advice or opinion of others.

Leo ascendants seek for attention and appearance together with their creativity make them often excellent artists in music, arts or theatre. Leo risings are sometimes seen as superficial as they give a lot of attention towards their looks and making an impression on others. They like beautiful things and can really enjoy beautiful designs and arts. Whereas others might perceive the Leo rising sign to be superficial, the opposite is often true. They are quite idealistic, self- aware and involved in the wellbeing of others.

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