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Libra | Ascendant Horoscope

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Libra Ascendant rising sign

Libra rising sign

Libra ascendant horoscope signs are kind and gracious people. Often loved for their charm, Libra's make great romantic partners but also great friends. Libra rising signs bring harmony and balance in this world. They dislike conflicts and will do their upmost to protect their balanced relationships. Even when this means neglecting their own needs from time to time.

As the Libra ascendant is part of the Air element horoscope they have lots of energy which predominantly is stimulated by their constant drive to make new plans or new ideas. They like to talk to others and share their thoughts. Air people are very social and like having discussions on topics which interest them. Libra rising signs have the ability to observe and analyze people or situations. From this they learn and they use it as a source for their new ideas and plans.

The Libra ascendant is more of a thinker than a feeler. They feel comfortable when they are inside their head but they feel quite out of control when it comes to feelings. They like to talk about the things they know instead of the things they feel. Others might perceive this as superficial. For the Libra rising sign it is important to understand the value of feelings. Your horoscope advises you that when you truly want to connect to someone else it is essential to be conscious about your own feelings and share them. When in contact with your own feelings and emotions, Libra ascendant, you'll see that you can even create more inspiring and bigger ideas!

As Libra rising signs are gracious people they are often well aware of their looks. They seem to take great care of their beauty and health and know exactly which cloths and jewelry suits them best. They are sometimes a bit materialistic as they seem to get their feeling of security out of things. For rising Libra ascendants, it would be a good exercise to actually clean up the house and see if they can throw away stuff. By decluttering your house you'll see that it actually makes space in your mind as well as it frees you from having to take care of all the stuff. Remember that in the end things won't make you happy, new experiences and relationships do.

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