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Pisces | Ascendant Horoscope

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Pisces Ascendant rising sign

Pisces rising sign

People with the Pisces ascendant rising sign are kind and understanding. They are genuinely interested in others and have the need to understand instead of to judge. Pisces rising signs are gentle and idealistic. They want to do good in the world and are compassionate towards others.

Pisces rising signs are unpredictable and flexible. They can easily mix with all sorts of people as they can easily adapt to others. This is a great trait but can be their pitfall too as Pisces can be influenced quite easily and they can lose their sense of individuality. The Pisces ascendant has problems making decisicons as they like to keep their freedom and flexibility to do whatever they want. But what Pisces rising signs often don't realize is that they can become inefficient and sometimes even inflexible due to their indecisiveness. Your horoscope advises you to practice decisicons making by observing others who are good at it. By observing decisicon making experts, you'll learn the strategy how to make decisicons easily.

Pisces ascendants are part of the horoscope element water which stands for connection, relationships and feelings. These zodiac signs highly relate to their feelings and intuition. They will never solely make a decisicon based on rational. They are driven by a deep sense of purpose and connect to others by having profound and meaningful conversations.

Pisces rising signs are sensitive. Sensitive in the sense that they quite precisely feel it when someone is bothered by something. They understand their feelings and can help others by giving useful advice. Pisces ascendants dislike confrontation as they don't like to receive feedback. They easily feel hurt and they are often disappointed that the world isn't as perfect as they imagined. Pisces rising need to remind themselves that without the bad, there wouldn't be any good. Mistakes or negative feedback are there to be learned from.

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