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Scorpio | Ascendant Horoscope

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Scorpio Ascendant rising sign

Scorpio rising sign

People with the Scorpio Ascendant rising sign in their horoscope often have a magnetic personality. Others like to be around the Scorpio ascendant because of their presence and their passionate energy. Scorpio rising signs are sensitive and often spiritually well developed. This is what others sometimes scares as Scorpio rising signs have the ability to look right through the social mask others wear.

Scorpio rising signs are great listeners and have a soothing effect on others. They often are creative people as they have a great imagination. Scorpio ascendants often daydream and sometimes it's hard for them to be in the present as their mind drifts off to dreamland. Scorpio ascendants should be aware of this and practice some sort of meditation or yoga to remind them how they can easily return to the present. Your horoscope advises you to remember that life is only taking place in the now. Daydreaming is fine and fun but don't make it a method to escape the real life.

The Scorpio ascendant is part of the Water element horoscope which stands for connection, relationships and feelings. These rising zodiac signs highly relate to their feelings and intuition. They will never solely make a decisicon based on rational. They are driven by a deep sense of purpose and connect to others by having profound and meaningful conversations. Often Scorpio rising signs are not good in chitchat as they search for something more profound.

Scorpio rising signs sometimes are overly sensitive. As they do everything in life with such a dedication and passion they tend to take feedback personal and easily feel hurt. They don't tend to talk about their feelings as they feel this makes them vulnerable. The Scorpio ascendants should remember themselves that if they want to have meaningful and profound relationships with others they should open up and show their vulnerability. Only by accepting your true self, with your weaker spots too, you can connect to others and live a meaningful life.

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