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Taurus | Ascendant Horoscope

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Taurus Ascendant rising sign

Taurus rising sign

The Taurus ascendant is the rising sign that is very reliable and loyal to its loved ones. As they are compassionate people they show lots of love towards others by taking care of them and offering assistence whenever they can. Because of this compassion and reliability, the Taurus rising is welcomed by others with great joy.

The Taurus rising sign is part of the element earth which causes his stability and determination. When a Taurus ascendant sets a goal, it will often be sucessfully acomplished by the use of his discipline and hard work. The Taurus rising horoscope likes to get his feeling of security out of material things like a solid house, a good car or nice clothes. His challenge is to be aware that although these things will give you short term happiness, materials will never lead to long term happiness like a fulfilling job for example does.

The Taurus ascendant doesn't like change; they are risk adverse. At times this can lead to rigidness and others might perceive the Taurus rising inflexible. Your horoscope advises you to remember Taurus rising sign that the beauty of life itself is that it is ever changing; you can't control it. So rather try to accept the change and see it can lead to great things and new experiences!

People with the Taurus ascendant horoscope often are people that have a calm presence. This is a great thing and people will enjoy being in your company just because of this trait. At times the Taurus rising sign does present himself a bit shy and passive, which is ofcourse the pitfall of being calm. Remember that calmness is a great thing and that people shouldn't mistake it for weakness. If you yourself believe this is true, others will notice it as well.

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