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Virgo | Ascendant Horoscope

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Virgo Ascendant rising sign

Virgo rising sign

Virgo ascendant rising signs are people that are trustworthy, reserved and intelligent. Virgo rising signs are friendly people who are sensitive to others feelings. They tend to sense when something is bothering people. Because of their calmness and intelligence, other people tend to like being around the Virgo ascendant.

Virgos rising are great observers too and tend to analyze everything and everyone that is around them. Virgo ascendants are modest people, sometimes even shy and they don't like being in the spotlights. Although being modest is a trait which actually makes you loved by others, sometimes the Virgo rising sign is so modest they have a difficulty in accepting complements. Their modesty can at some moments as well have something to do with a feeling of being less than others. If you ever feel like this your horoscope advises you to remember that the things you see for weaknesses are actually your strenghts. Calmness, the quality of observation and sensitivity are traits which have a lot of value, especially in this hectic world right now.

The ascendant Virgo is part of the Earth element horoscopes which means that they are stable, literally down to earth, but therefore also dislike change. Virgo rising signs don't like taking risks as this makes them feel that they can't control the situation and their own response to that. On top of that they don't understand why you would want to change something that is already ok. Stability and routine for them feels best.

The Earth horoscope signs are the most materialistic of the elements as they get a sense of security out of them. For Virgo rising signs their life challenge is to every once and a while take a risk and change something. The great thing about life is that everything is uncertain and therefore everything is possible! When you never change anything, you'll never experience if something else would even better work for you. Virgo ascendant horoscope signs will see that life will be more fulfilling if you change every once and a while.

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