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Biorhythm calculator

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Your personal biorhythm

You don't feel the same everyday. Sometimes you feel fine, other days you feel miserable. Yet, you don't always know the reason. The fortune teller does! It's got to do something with your biorhythm. Your biorhythm defines how you feel. It's a lifecycle that starts right after your birth. There are 3 types of cycles:
- A Physical cyclus (coordination, strength, wellbeing, repeated every 23 days)
- Emotional cyclus (creativity, sensitivity, mood, perception, environment conscious, repeated every 28 days)
- Intellectual cyclus (mindfulness, analytical functioning, logical analysis, memory, communication skills, repeated every 33 days)

Enter your birthdate below, and select a date of the period you want to know what your biorhythm is. Do you have a job application soon? perhaps a date, or an important meeting? Check your biorhythm, so you'll know how you feel that day or period.
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