Future predictions

The Buddha did not believe in fortune telling or superstitions. Buddha refrains from future predictions as the only time is now. Interestingly, in Gautama Buddha's early childhood a fortune teller gave the future prediction that he would become either a King or a Spiritual Man. His father, the King, hoped for the first, however Gautama became the Buddha, the enlightened one. Related to this story the Buddha Fortune Teller will provide you with spiritual Buddha insights regarding your life question.

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The buddha fortune teller

buddha fortune teller

The Buddha fortune teller will not predict your future but gives you insights based on the Buddha Teachings.

The Buddha fortune teller will answer your questions such as 'I want to know my future' and 'Predict my future'. Fortune telling by the Buddha will help you by giving advice but remember: You are responsible for your future. The Buddha fortune teller will give you great guidance online!

The Buddha fortune teller hopes that you are able to apply the answer into your life in order to live a more balanced and peaceful life!