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Chinese horoscope 2017 prediction

Your Chinese horoscope helps you understand your life better! Part of your future predictions is understanding yourself. Try the Chinese horoscope 2017 for free! Select your Chinese horoscope sign based on your date of birth. Enjoy the fortune teller's free Chinese horoscope 2017.

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Chinese Horoscope 2017 - The Rabbit horoscope

Chinese Horoscope 2017 - Year of the Rooster

The Chinese year of the Rooster starts 28 January 2017. The intention is that your Chinese horoscope will give you more insights into your life and that you are better able to cope with challenging situations. Harmony and Compassion are the goals based on your Chinese horoscope 2017.

The Rooster Chinese zodiac is a symbol of courage, honesty and ambition and therefore these are returning themes in your Chinese horoscope 2017 predictions. Lots of new ideas and opportunities will be crossing your path and it is up to you to decide if you are willing to follow them. Be honest to yourself and others and listen to your inner voice when deciding which road to take. Let the courageous energy of the Rooster help you in not being afraid of change. If deciding on an initiative always ask yourself the question whether the initiative is both good for yourself as well as for others. Rooster yang energy sometimes tends to force reckless decisions. Sharing your thoughts with others helps you to make the right choices.

Your free Chinese horoscope 2017 advises you to follow your heart in 2017 and focus on bringing positive change for everyone. Focus on:

  • Enjoying the process instead of focusing only on the goal.
  • Sharing your positive energy with your loved ones and others who need your help and compassion.
  • Keeping an open mind; don't judge too quickly a viewpoint that is different from yours. Try to understand the other.

2017 Chinese horoscope Rabbit

Your date of birth indicates you are a Rabbit. The Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac and stands for intelligent people that are gentle towards others. Next to that Your Chinese horoscope 2017 indicates you have a lot of Yin energy which makes you good company for others who seek tranquility and peace. The Chinese year of the Rooster will give you some extra Yang energy to step out of your comfort zone and listen to your true needs. Next to that your Rabbit energy will be present in all aspects of life during the Chinese year of the Rooster. Let's focus on peace, harmony and compassion in 2017!

Chinese love horoscope Rabbit

The Rabbit zodiac sign relates to compassionate people that tend to seek security in love and relationships. As they seem to avoid confrontation in order to protect themselves, sometimes they neglect their own needs and emotions. In 2017 the Rooster energy will give you the courage to be honest with yourself and your loved ones. You will see that honesty and openness can only lead to a deeper understanding and therefore love will flow more freely. When you really understand the other you will experience a greater feeling of freedom and security. Discover how your Chinese horoscope will work lovely for you in 2017!

Chinese career horoscope Rabbit

Your Chinese horoscope sign in 2017 tells you that you should listen better to yourself. In this hectic world it is sometimes very difficult to breathe. Deadlines to be reached, lots of people that have expectations of you and sometimes it feels like you've lost yourself. Try to let go and breathe. Seek what is important to you in your work and focus on that. Step out of your comfort zone if you feel like it and say no to unrealistic demands of colleagues. With your communication skills people will take you seriously if you bring your message peacefully. Doing so will maximize the outcome of your Chinese year horoscope 2017.

Chinese health horoscope Rabbit

Your Chinese zodiac sign indicates that with all that activity in your love life and career, it is important to stay in a healthy shape. By that we mean a healthy body as well as a healthy mind and soul. Practice yoga, meditation or another activity that combines these three aspects. Do what you love and love what you do. Listen to your Chinese year horoscope by sleeping, eating and exercising well in 2017.


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