Chinese Horoscope 2017 - The Snake horoscope 2017

Chinese Horoscope 2017 - Year of the Rooster

The Chinese year of the Rooster starts 28 January 2017. The intention is that your Chinese horoscope will give you more insights into your life and that you are better able to cope with challenging situations. Harmony and Compassion are the goals based on your Chinese horoscope 2017.

The Rooster Chinese zodiac is a symbol of courage, honesty and ambition and therefore these are returning themes in your Chinese horoscope 2017 predictions. Lots of new ideas and opportunities will be crossing your path and it is up to you to decide if you are willing to follow them. Be honest to yourself and others and listen to your inner voice when deciding which road to take. Let the courageous energy of the Rooster help you in not being afraid of change. If deciding on an initiative always ask yourself the question whether the initiative is both good for yourself as well as for others. Rooster yang energy sometimes tends to force reckless decisions. Sharing your thoughts with others helps you to make the right choices.

Your free Chinese horoscope 2017 advises you to follow your heart in 2017 and focus on bringing positive change for everyone. Focus on:

  • Enjoying the process instead of focusing only on the goal.
  • Sharing your positive energy with your loved ones and others who need your help and compassion.
  • Keeping an open mind; don't judge too quickly a viewpoint that is different from yours. Try to understand the other.

2017 Chinese horoscope Snake

Your date of birth indicates you are a Snake. The Snake is the sixth animal in the Chinese zodiac and stands for intuition and wisdom. Furthermore your Chinese horoscope 2017 indicates that you are romantic but can be superficial when it comes to how people look like. Your Snake energy will be present in all aspects of life during the year of the Chinese year of Rooster. Let's focus on peace, harmony and compassion in 2017!

Chinese love horoscope Snake

The Snake horoscope sign stands for passionate people who often make their decisions based on their intuition. This year the Rooster brings Yang energy that will give your Snake energy some more courage to open up to your loved one and share your deepest feelings. Don't let strong emotions like jealousy play a part in your relationship. Trust yourself and your partner and let go of the negative thoughts. Then love will flow freely and you will be ably to enjoy it. See how your Chinese horoscope will work for you in 2017!

Chinese career horoscope Snake

The Snake zodiac sign is creative and works hard. Snakes are determined to reach their goals and hate it when they fail. This year try to enjoy the process as well as the goal. Enjoying the process will help you to be in the present time and enjoy all the great things that you are doing. Even when you make a mistake, try to see it as part of the process. You'll notice that negative emotions like anxiety and stress will become less. Your Chinese horoscope 2017 advises you to trust your wisdom as it will ensure that you succeed.

Chinese health horoscope Snake

Your Chinese zodiac sign indicates that you like tranquil environments as this helps you to keep your inner peace. It's important in the year of the Rooster to remain paying attention to peace. In this way you will ensure a good balance between a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy soul. Benefit from the wisdom that your Chinese horoscope brings to your health in 2017.


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