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Chinese horoscope -Dragon

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Chinese Astrology - The Dragon horoscope 2022

Chinese Horoscope 2022 - Year of the Tiger

The year of the tiger starts Tuesday, 1st of February 2022. The intention is that your Chinese horoscope will give you more insights into certain life situations and with that knowledge you are better able to cope with these situations. Peace and Harmony is the goal of your Chinese horoscope advice.

The Tiger is a symbol of courage and creativity. Therefore ambition is a returning theme in 2022. Lots of initiatives will be taken and it is up to you to decide whether to go along with all these initiatives or not. If deciding on an initiative always ask yourself the question whether the initiative is both good for yourself as well as for others. If both answers are yes continue if not reconsider. As the Tiger possesses Yang energy that is energetic, ambitious and aggressive we need to be aware to remain open for Yin influences as well. This energy is softer and friendlier and is important to remain humble, noble and compassionate.

Your free Chinese horoscope 2022 advises you to follow your heart in 2022 and focus on bringing positive change for everyone. Focus on:

  • more love & patience towards yourself and others.
  • taking delight in the happiness of others by participating in charity as well as helping others when needed.
  • Achieving your intentions by applying discipline.

Your date of birth indicates you are a Dragon. The Dragon is the fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac and stands for confidence and ambition. Your Chinese horoscope indicates courage, intelligence and enthusiasm. Your Dragon energy will be present in all aspects of life during the year of the tiger. Let's focus on peace, harmony and compassion in 2022.

Chinese love horoscope Dragon

The Dragon horoscope sign relates to romantic people. Showing vulnerability is at times difficult for dragons and they may be perceived as arrogant. In order to let love flow freely in 2022 your Chinese love horoscope advises you to just observe your fear for being vulnerable. If you are able to just observe this feeling you will find out it will dissolve. Trust yourself and the other; love yourself and the other.

Chinese career horoscope Dragon

As the Dragon is ambitious and good has a sound rational approach generally the Dragon will be quite successful in his or her work. Be aware that your superiority does not become arrogance. You may criticize others for being inefficient at their work. If you are aware of this happening, try to discover which part of you triggers this response and see what you can do to change the situation. Work on your humility. This will maximize the outcome of your Chinese career horoscope in 2022.

Chinese health horoscope Dragon

Your Chinese zodiac sign indicates that you like to strive for perfection. Look after your health to ensure you maintain your lively and excitable energy that you possess. Break your habit of perfection by sitting back and taking a breath to find your harmony. Dragons have the tendency to live intensely and therefore forget to watch their health. Ensure sufficient sleep, proper nutrition and energetic exercise.

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