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About Chinese horoscope

Chinese astrology is closely related to Western astrology. Next to that beautiful elements of Chinese philosophy have been incorporated. For instance the principles of yin and yang. Here the fortune teller explains the meaning of the Chinese horoscope and Chinese zodiac sign.

Meaning of Chinese horoscope

Actually Chinese horoscope is a term used in the West. A more proper term would be Chinese Zodiac. Future predictions are made based on a systematic plan based on a twelve-year cycle that is indicated by animals. At the same time this system possesses a lot of similarities with the horoscope as is known in the West. Both are based on time cycles that consist of twelve parts. Next to the Yin and Yang principles the theory of 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth is incorporated as well.

Meaning of Chinese zodiac sign

The interesting thing is that the Chinese zodiac is actually represented by twelve animals whereas in the Western astrology not all signs are actually animals although the Greek word 'Zodiac' does imply this. In Chinese astrology the animal signs are not only used to represent years as most people think. But also months, days and even hours. This implies that there are more than just one Chinese zodiac signs that can be assigned to you!

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