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Dream dictionairy

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Your Dreams predict your future

What does my dream mean? It is a question heard very often as everyone wishes an understandable dream interpretation. The fortune teller will explain more about the fascinating world of dreams. Your mind communicates to you through your dreams. You might not always be aware of this, but it is happening all of the time. The information in your dream will help you predict your future better.

A better understanding of your dreams through the fortune teller's dream interpretation and the dream dictionary will facilitate you in living a more balanced and happy life.

Use your common sense when performing your dream analysis. Try to understand the meaning of symbols not mentioned in this dream dictionary. Focus on the characteristics of the symbols you dreamt about and try to fit it in the larger picture.

The fortune teller offers two ways for your dream analysis:

Dream interpretation Write down your dream as extensive as possible and the fortune teller will return answers based on relevant dream keywords
Dream dictionary If you wish to search for only one keyword or wish to read the whole dictionary please visit our Dream dictionary.

The information in the fortune teller's dream dictionary is derived from multiple sources. All sources claim that the subject of dream interpretation and dream analysis have been studied very carefully. One of the sources is Almine, a mystic, healer and teacher with great credentials.

Almine spiritual journeys