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Dream dictionary - Letter a

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Dream dictionary starting with: "a"


It is time to leave behind past feelings that hold you back from reaching your full potential. Explore whether you have a fear of being deserted or betrayed. Be aware of the cause and focus on living with more freedom.


Abbreviations in your dream can have many interpretations. Try to discover what its message is. Do the abbreviations stand for a name, organisation, place or something else.


If you see your abdomen clearly in your dreams it might indicate that you feel exposed. This may indicate feelings of distrust and feeling vulnerable.


Being abducted in your dream signifies that you are out of control in a certain situation. Explore which situation or person causes this and retake control. If someone else is being abducted and you don’t act it signifies that you feel out of control as well. However in the sense that you are not able to help the other person.


Dreaming about an abortion signifies that you hold back from reaching your full potential. You might be postponing decisions due to fear or public pressure. If you actually had an abortion you should see it as part of the healing process for accepting the situation.


Seeing objects above you in your dream has two different interpretations. One is that you should set your targets higher; the other interpretation is that you feel unconfident in achieving your goals.


Dreaming of moving abroad to a foreign country or traveling has two different interpretations. If this is actually your present situation it most probably signifies contentment or maybe some excitement for what is coming. The other interpretation is that you should spread your wings and explore new things in your life.


Dreaming of someone or something that is absent indicates that you are lacking something in your current life.


A dream in which you experience abundance indicates enthusiasm. At the same time it states that you should be careful with your energy and resources. Also explore whether it indicates a need for acceptance.

Acceptance, Approval

Dream interpretations about acceptance state that there is often an issue of self-esteem present. Probably you feel excluded and are seeking approval.


There are many dream interpretations about accidents. It can signify that you feel guilty about something that happened. Also it can literally represent your fear for an accident (e.g. a car accident as you are afraid to drive). Dreaming about a loved one dying signifies that something in the relationship with that person is dead.


The dream interpretation of addiction can be taken quite literally. It signifies obsessive behaviour towards a situation. Explore whether you are aligned with your environment.

Admiration, Admire

Admiration towards yourself can be interpreted as you being in need of acceptance by others. Admiring others in your dreams signifies that you wish to incorporate their good characteristics into your life.


If a child dreams about being older the dream interpretation may go two ways. It either indicates the child is not yet behaving mature or the child has a very high sense of responsibility.


Dreaming about adventures often indicates a lack of it.


When you receive an advice in your dreams it suggests you should trust your own judgement and feelings when making a decision.


Dreaming about having an affair indicates that you have unfulfilled sexual desires. It might also indicate that you have an issue with not following your own moral standards in a situation. Dreaming that your partner commits adultery indicates you have a fear of being abandoned. You feel you are lacking attention of your partner or you feel inadequate towards your partner.


To dream of an afterlife means you want to escape reality. You are not grounded.


Dreaming that you are younger than you are signifies you long for the past, dreaming that you are older signifies that you have a desire to obtain more wisdom.


Aggression in your dream may be interpreted as repressed emotions. These emotions can be feelings of not being understood, anxiety, sexual needs etc.


The dream interpretation of reaching an agreement can be taken quite literally. It signifies resolving a conflict.


Air stands for freedom and positive energy. It also stands for communication and your spiritual being.


The dream interpretation of an airplane is that you will soon grow on a personal level. It signifies the beginning of a new challenge. This might also be an escape of your current life. Missing an airplane indicates that you feel trapped in your current situation. The dream interpretation for an airplane crash is that you have set unrealistic goals that are very difficult, maybe impossible to obtain.


Hearing alarms in your dreams indicate that you experience conflict in a particular situation.


Drinking excessive alcohol in your dreams states you experience negative emotions such as fear and abandonment of self


Dreams about aliens indicate you wish to escape from reality.


To see an alley in your dream signifies limited options.


Dreaming you are alone in a certain place or situation indicates you experience that no one understands you.


The dream interpretation of an ambulance indicates you are not acting responsible. Your careless actions might have a big impact in the future.

Anal sex

The dream interpretation for anal sex is that you are afraid to agree with the wants of others. It stands for submission.


Dreaming of an anchor stands for clarity and a solid foundation.


If you dream that you are an angel, you feel good about yourself. If you dream that someone else is an angel you see them as pure and right people. Follow the positive signs the angels give you.


Often the dream interpretation about animals is that you long for expressing the primitive desires of that particular animal.


Dreaming about your anniversary or birthday states you are accepting a certain aspect of yourself or a current situation.


Apples stand for harmony. When dreaming about apples you should interpret this as a sign for wisdom, prosperity and balance.

Assault, Attack

Being attacked in your dream indicates that you feel you are being hurt emotionally by certain people. It may also indicate that you are currently working on facing your fears in certain situations. Attacking someone else in your dream signifies a confrontation with an issue or a defensive stand towards that issue. Currently it is still a state of non-acceptance.

Aversion, Anger

If you have negative emotions towards a person or situation in your dream this signifies that your dislike this situation or person. If others show aversion towards you this implies that you feel insecure about how these people see you as person. Work on your own confidence, in order to feel good about yourself.


If you are winning an award in your dreams the interpretation is the need to give one’s self credit; gold for spiritual achievement, silver for worldly achievement.

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