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Virgo horoscope 2020

General Horoscope 2020

The free horoscope 2020 by my fortune teller will give you insight in what to expect in the future and which themes will be important. Last year we predicted a challenging year in which love, compassion and mutual understanding were the keys to success. Taking responsibility for your own actions and positive pro-activity were as well mentioned by the fortune teller as ways to overcome the challenges that you faced in 2019. We hope our free horoscope was of use to you and you were able to learn and develop yourself even more.

The year 2020 will be the year of contemplation for all Zodiac signs according to your free horoscope. In a world that is always on the move, we often don’t take the time to stand still and reflect. But to make progress in the future, you need to know where you’re going and why you want to go there. So contemplation on and connection with your own desires are a necessity.

As you will discover in 2020 more people are opening up to spiritual influences like horoscopes, life coaching or other methods for self-development. These people will better understand themselves and take responsibility for their actions leading to positive change throughout the world. They will as well try to live in a more conscious way and take the time to connect with themselves. They know that by having a true connection with themselves, they can connect with others, overcoming misunderstandings and unnecessary hurting. All zodiac signs that are on the future path of self-development understand that others as well have their own issues. Because they understand, they treat others in a gentle and non-judgmental way. After all, they realize, we are all humans with our own story and learning path.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who are less aware of their own behavior and take less responsibility for their own actions. Instead they blame others for making them feel sad or angry. We have all experienced this in some way or another. Your free horoscope advises all zodiac signs for the future to remember that no one else can make you feel a certain way. It is you, and you only, who chooses to feel a certain way. You don't need to feel sad when a friend does something you don't like; you choose to feel sad. Everything is a choice and once you will see this, you can choose to react in a different way. It is also good to keep in mind that the first victim of your anger is yourself. This is part of the universal law of nature, which is that 'what you resist persists'. For the sake of yourself, let it go, this will help you and the other.

Your free horoscope 2020 states that this increase in overall spiritual awareness in the future will enable positive change in multiple aspects of life. If all zodiac signs make small positive steps, they may eventually lead to a leap for mankind. Therefore, the fortune teller suggests all the Zodiac signs to:

  • Take time to connect with yourself. For some people meditation helps but a nice evening walk, yoga session or drinking a cup of tea in silence could also do the job. Do whatever works for you. When the connection with yourself is good, you will notice that your connection with others will be more profound too.
  • Reflect and contemplate. Take a step back and take a look at you and your life. Are you happy with the things you are doing? Are you spending time on the things that matter most to you? If not, what needs to be changed in the future?
  • Show more love & patience towards yourself and others. Take delight in the happiness of others! Participate in charity and help as much as you can!

Next to these general guidelines that apply throughout the whole year your free horoscope 2020 says the following about your future, based on your zodiac sign:

Virgo 2020

Your date of birth indicates your zodiac sign is Virgo. Virgo horoscope is the sixth horoscope sign and indicates the wish of serving others. The Virgo horoscope shows that you are a reliable and modest person. Your Virgo energy will enable you to serve your surroundings in a humble way in 2020.

In general, the Virgo zodiac sign stands for people that are reliable. As they have a practical mindset combined with a great intelligence others often seek their advice. Virgo are not the most outgoing people, they tend to observe more and behave modestly. As the Virgo zodiac sign stands for reliable and intelligent people they might turn into overcritical and harsh people when they are in a bad mood. In this modus they might neglect the needs of the people close to them. The Virgo should be aware that he does not behave too perfectionistic. 90% is also great!

The free horoscope 2020 predicts that you Virgo will have to say goodbye to some old habits to make room for new ones. You might find it difficult to leave them behind. Keep in mind that life itself is ever changing and there will always come a time when you need to say goodbye and move on. It’s ok if this letting go feels unpleasant. Accept that feeling, just observe, don’t react. When you can fully accept WHAT IS, you’ll realize that there is room for something new. Maybe a new job, a new friendship, a new hobby or something else, the possibilities are infinite!

Family & Friends horoscope Virgo 2020

People with the Virgo horoscope sign are known to be social, reliable and modest. They are people who tend to comfort people with their patience and practicality. Their overcritical behavior and risk adversity at times might be an obstacle in relationships. When in a bad mood you can bring some negativity into the conversation. And your inflexibility might not be appreciated by others. Be aware of this. Your horoscope 2020 advises you to try to open up your mind and not judge directly. Perhaps an idea or thought might have potential. Sure it needs further thinking but that can be done later on. Try to enjoy the creativity that comes with thinking about the unknown, Virgo. New ideas come into play which will broaden your horizon and offer you new opportunities. You’ll see that once you let creativity flow and don’t judge too quickly, this immediately affects your relationships with others. A deeper connection will rise.

Love horoscope Virgo 2020

The Virgo horoscope sign shows kindness and humility. These traits are great for the love relationship of the Virgo. You like to observe and think things over before expressing yourself. This is absolutely fine, take your time to think things over. But sometimes it can be an obstacle too when your partner expects a response and you can't give one. Or you don't dare to express your feelings because you're too afraid of what the outcome might be. The keys to successful relationships are openness, trust and vulnerability. Your free horoscope advises you to practice courage. Be courageous to show your vulnerability and speak up whenever you feel you need to share something that is meaningful. You'll see that an open communication with your partner will improve your love relationship.

Love horoscope quote Virgo 2020

Quotes are great anchors to remind you of the power of universal wisdom. Please take this love quote’s advice to heart in 2020.

Love is an act of endless forgiveness and a tender look that becomes a habit

Peter Ustinov

Career horoscope Virgo 2020

The Virgo zodiac sign stands for reliability. You take pride in the fact that people can build on you, for that reason you moreover experience trustworthy working relationships. If this is not the case check within you what is going on. Probably you are experiencing resistance on a deeper level. Take time for yourself and observe what is happening inside of you, listen to your body. When you observe your resistance you will experience that it automatically dissolves. Your career horoscope 2020 advises you to apply this technique whenever you experience resistance.

Health horoscope Virgo 2020

The Virgo zodiac sign is all about serving and being loyal which is a great characteristic to live a balanced & healthy life. Be loyal to the goals you want to achieve in 2020 regarding this subject. Be it sports, health, sleep or mental activities such as mindfulness. Set goals and persevere in order to reap the benefits of your health horoscope 2020, Virgo horoscope!

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