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Your Horoscope Element is based on your zodiac sign. Discover more about your horoscope element: Fire Sign, Water Sign, Earth Sign or Air Sign.

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Air Sign - Gemini Element

Gemini zodiac sign - Air Sign

Of the Air signs, the Gemini element is the zodiac sign in which the Air element is at its lightest. This air sign is like a butterfly: light, pleasant and loving variety. Gemini elements love exploring new areas, whether it is work related or meeting new people. They are curious and not afraid of change. Gemini elements are good in expressing themselves and they like different forms of communication like writing, talking or gesturing. This air sign is often busy, concerned with collecting all the information around them. Gemini air signs can be indecisive. They see all the different perspectives and simply don't know which one to choose. Gemini elements need to learn how to focus. Because of their curiosity they tend to keep exploring without ever making a choice. The Gemini element sometimes seems to fly around without a goal, which can make them feel restless and unsatisfied. Every once and a while sit down and determine what is really important to you, Gemini air sign. Your horoscope advises you to write down your values and the things that matter most. Who do you want to be and what would you like others to say about you? This will give you direction and will help you in making your choices.


Air Signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Air signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are connected through their horoscope. Air signs stand for thoughts, ideas and knowledge. These people have lots of energy which predominantly is stimulated by their constant drive to make new plans or new ideas. Air signs like to talk to others and share their thoughts.

Air people are very social and like having discussions on topics which interest them. They feel comfortable when they are inside their head but they feel quite out of control when it comes to feelings. To them feelings at times are something scary which makes them feel insecure. Air signs rather talk about the things they know instead of the things they feel. For others at times this might seem a bit superficial. For Air zodiac signs it is their challenge to discover the value of feelings. As well they should understand that life in itself is uncertain and therefore uncontrollable. This is what makes life worthwhile. According to your horoscope feelings are something to embrace, especially for the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

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