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Your Horoscope Element is based on your zodiac sign. Discover more about your horoscope element: Fire Sign, Water Sign, Earth Sign or Air Sign.

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Fire Sign - Leo Element

Leo zodiac sign - Fire Sign

Of the Fire signs, the Leo element is the zodiac sign in which the Fire element of courageousness and ego is strongest. Leo elements are people that like to be the centre of all attention. Leo fire signs are proud people and like to shine. Leo elements are also quite generous and like to share. Whether it is a compliment or something physical, the Leo thinks it is more fun to share things than keeping it for themselves. Leo elements are often entertaining and usually a lot of fun. This fire sign gets its own sense of worth from the adoration or approval of others. The challenge for the Leo element is that he needs to find this feeling within himself. You can't depend on others Leo fire sign; true happiness is within! Leo horoscope elements can become self-centred and forget about others. Remind yourself fire sign to every once and a while observe what is going on instead of jumping right into a conversation. There's actually a lot to be learned from others.


Fire Signs - Aries, Leo and Sgittarius

Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are connected through their horoscope. Fire signs are passionate, impulsive and have lots of energy. They can be unpredictable and temperamental: a small flame can suddenly explode to a huge fire. These zodiac signs all have in common that they are courageous.

Fire signs like to take risks and are not afraid to experience something new. They are entertaining and very enthusiastic which makes them great people to have around. Fire horoscope signs tend to be quite self-centred; they like to get attention and at times forget that there are others too. Fire signs can at times ignore the feelings of others as they are too much focused on their own needs. Every once and a while it would help the Fire horoscope signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius to take a step (or two) back, listen and observe. Others might surprise you and you'll find you can actually learn a lot from them.

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