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I Ching - The Book of Changes


The Book of Changes has influenced Chinese philosophy for over three thousand years. The I Ching brings a deep understanding of life based on proper values. Therefore it became a book of wisdom and has been used in both Taoist as well as Confucianist philosophy.

Also in the Western world the I Ching increased in popularity. One of the better known advocates of the Book of Change is Carl Gustav Jung. The psychologist famous for its work with the unconscious.

The fortune teller uses the I Ching oracle to give you guidance regarding your future. Here you find how it works.

How it works

It is important that our mind is clear and focussed. The reason for this is that the I Ching oracle gives you guidance regarding the question you have. The Book of Changes should be used as a sign post for your life path, not as a deterministic indication of fate. You create your own reality.

You have to toss three coins six times. The I Ching oracle will indicate whether you have tossed a Yin or Yang line. Whether a line is Yin or Yang depends on the outcome of the coin tossing. Each coin can either be Yang or Yin

Lines Coins

If all three coins are either full Yin or full Yang this implies that the line is changing.

The four possibilities of your throw are:

Full yin
Full yang

A changing I Ching line means that a second hexagram will be created. In this hexagram the full Yin transforms into a Yang line and a full Yang line will transform into a Yin line.

This second hexagram also needs interpretation in your I Ching consult as well as the changing lines. The result of the I Ching oracle will present these results to you.

I ching oracle

The I Ching elements

The 64 I Ching hexagrams are the instrument by which the meaning of different yet typical life situations can be determined. An I Ching hexagram is made up of two I Ching trigrams. The I Ching trigram is made up of 3 lines.

These are either broken or unbroken. The unbroken line represent Yang the broken line Yin.

Hexagrams Trigrams

The concept of Yin and Yang is also of importance to the I Ching interpretation. The Yin and Yang principle describe that seemingly contrary forces are actually interconnnected and interdependent.

The concept of Yin and Yang lies at the origins of many Ancient Chinese Wisdoms such as the Taoist and Confucianist philosophy.

Yang lines are described as male energy. It is active, strong and indicates inspiration. It is the creative force from Heaven. Yang is characterized as: fast, hard, solid, focused, active.

Yin lines are described as female energy. It is space, weak and indicates reality. It is the reality, Heaven manifestating in Earth. Yin is chararcterized as: slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, receptive.

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