I Ching interpretation

The interpretation of the I Ching is important as it will give you guidance regarding your future. The fortune teller explains you how to benefit from the I Ching and the Book of Changes. Understanding the I Ching better will lead to clearer results from the I Ching oracle!

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I Ching hexagrams interpretation

I Ching Hexagram 26: Ta Ch'u - The Taming Power of the Great

Ta Ch'u - The Taming Power of the Great stands for great power as the upper trigram, the Mountain subdues the Creative, represented by the lower trigram Heaven. In times of crisis (which means danger but also creates opportunity) one should stay true to its inner principles.

I Ching interpretation / The Judgement

If you draw this I Ching hexagram with the online I Ching oracle this means that: you need to spend daily time to your within. Only if one is able to do this consistently will its powers without continue at the same level.

Be aware that others might be tempted to test your loyalty to your inner truth. Understand that this is only resistance created by their ego. As an ego is always making comparisons and is either right or wrong it will attack anything that might threaten its own existence. Be conscious of the workings of your own ego and that of others.

I Ching lines interpretation

The I Ching hexagram consists of six lines. If lines are changing in your online I Ching Oracle consultation these should be included in your I Ching interpretation as well. Furthermore the I Ching lines have their separate interpretation.

The bottom I Ching line deals with reality, that what is. The second line is related to how you connect to others. Cause and effect how do you react?

The third line deals with your emotions and how to cope with them. The fourth line is related to making choices in order to remain on track. The fifth line represents the organising aspect of things.

It involves leadership, following up on ideals and planning. The I Ching top line has to do with spirituality. It concerns your tao, beliefs, religion and more.

First Line - I Ching interpretation

The outer world presents an obstacle. In case advancement from this situation is forced upon misfortune will be the result.

Second Line - I Ching interpretation

In this situation it is wise to withdraw and observe the situation. In this way energy will be saved for a beautiful advancement of the situation at a later time.

Third Line - I Ching interpretation

The hindrance that was earlier present is being removed. If you are connected to your inner truth this way opens up easily. It is time to look at the future with determination.

Fourth Line - I Ching interpretation

Others will not be impressed if one reacts out of strong emotions. These emotions should be tamed first before one acts.

Fifth Line - I Ching interpretation

Wild force should be unharmed by initial non-resentment. To overwin one should focus on the roots of the force rather than the force itself.

Sixth Line - I Ching interpretation

The creative energy that has been stored is ready to manifest itself. The time of resistance and hindrances is past. Proper principles prevail. Good fortune.

The I Ching hexagram consists of two trigrams. Above Kên - Mountain and below Ch'ien - Heaven.

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