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I Ching interpretation

The interpretation of the I Ching is important as it will give you guidance regarding your future. The fortune teller explains you how to benefit from the I Ching and the Book of Changes. Understanding the I Ching better will lead to clearer results from the I Ching oracle!

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I Ching hexagrams interpretation

I Ching Hexagram 27: I - The Corners of the Mouth (Nourishment)

I - The Corners of the Mouth (Nourishment) stands for nourishment of oneself. Healthy food for the body, healthy thoughts for the mind and healthy principles for the soul. It tells us that attention for all three of these areas are important.

I Ching interpretation / The Judgement

If you draw this I Ching hexagram with the online I Ching oracle this means that: a holistic approach to nourishment, attention for mind, body and soul will be beneficial. It also teaches us that in order to understand someone else we need to understand what nourishes this person from the inside. What makes someone to nourish inferior qualities whereas others cultivate superior qualities?

Nature nourishes all creatures alive. Superior qualities are reinforced by superior elements. Inferior qualities are reinforced by inferior elements. Therefore choose your environment wisely in order to nourish your within in a correct manner.

I Ching lines interpretation

The I Ching hexagram consists of six lines. If lines are changing in your online I Ching Oracle consultation these should be included in your I Ching interpretation as well. Furthermore the I Ching lines have their separate interpretation.

The bottom I Ching line deals with reality, that what is. The second line is related to how you connect to others. Cause and effect how do you react?

The third line deals with your emotions and how to cope with them. The fourth line is related to making choices in order to remain on track. The fifth line represents the organising aspect of things.

It involves leadership, following up on ideals and planning. The I Ching top line has to do with spirituality. It concerns your tao, beliefs, religion and more.

First Line - I Ching interpretation

Envy is based upon resistance and is a creation of the ego. If you can't resist to judge others misfortune will occur.

Second Line - I Ching interpretation

One should either provide its own nourishment or be supported in a proper way. If this is not possible misfortune will occur.

Third Line - I Ching interpretation

Desire and longing are results of the ego. Feeding on this type of nourishment is unhealthy. Return to the higher truth, your inner self.

Fourth Line - I Ching interpretation

One is in need of helpers in order to spread light amongst others. One who is not only motivated by self-interest but driven by a common good creates good fortune.

Fifth Line - I Ching interpretation

If you know your weakness but are not able to correct it by yourself seek help by others. A wise man will put his pride, which is no more than an egotistic mind pattern, aside and let him nourish from without.

Sixth Line - I Ching interpretation

Someone that is enlightened will radiate inner peace. This will provide nourishment to others as well. If the enlightened person understands this responsibility the radiation of inner peace will last. Good fortune.

The I Ching hexagram consists of two trigrams. Above Kên - Mountain and below Chên - Thunder.

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