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I Ching Hexagram 47: K'un - Oppression (Exhaustion)

K'un - Oppression stands for unavoidable adversity. Superior elements are oppressed by inferior elements. These moments are part of live as the cycle of life consists of: creation, sustenance and dissolution.

I Ching interpretation / The Judgement

If you draw this I Ching hexagram with the online I Ching oracle this means that: should focus on dealing with the adversity in the correct mindset. By bending instead of trying to break the situation the situation can be more quickly turned into your favor.

Remain cheerful while facing the oppression as this is the source of later success. Be careful that the situation does not exhaust yourself. Remain true to your inner path of truth. This means taking breaks when needed.

I Ching lines interpretation

The I Ching hexagram consists of six lines. If lines are changing in your online I Ching Oracle consultation these should be included in your I Ching interpretation as well. Furthermore the I Ching lines have their separate interpretation.

The bottom I Ching line deals with reality, that what is. The second line is related to how you connect to others. Cause and effect how do you react?

The third line deals with your emotions and how to cope with them. The fourth line is related to making choices in order to remain on track. The fifth line represents the organising aspect of things.

It involves leadership, following up on ideals and planning. The I Ching top line has to do with spirituality. It concerns your tao, beliefs, religion and more.

First Line - I Ching interpretation

A resolution will only be found if you remain true to your inner self and do not let egotistic mind patterns such as: fear, anxiety, anger lead you.

Second Line - I Ching interpretation

The exhaustion you feel is caused by restlessness. Observe the situation and surrender to your feelings. Find the way up on the basis of inner peace.

Third Line - I Ching interpretation

Refrain from the egotistic mind patterns as mentioned earlier. Withdraw into stillness and surrender to what is otherwise misfortune will follow.

Fourth Line - I Ching interpretation

Good fortune will eventually arise. However as the first steps have been taken with some reservations obstructions will arise that have to be overcome.

Fifth Line - I Ching interpretation

Remain firm in your own beliefs and remain loyal to your inner truth as it might seem that support from those who you had expected it will not be at your disposal.

Sixth Line - I Ching interpretation

Influence by former beliefs and not being resolute into choosing a new path will endure the current unfavorable situation. Be firm and good fortune will follow.

The I Ching hexagram consists of two trigrams. Above Tui - Lake and below K'an - Water.

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