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I Ching Hexagram 51: Chên - The Arousing

Chên - The Arousing stands for causing fear. This is also represented by the two trigrams that make up this hexagram, namely Thunder. Attention is necessary in order to prevent misfortune.

I Ching interpretation / The Judgement

If you draw this I Ching hexagram with the online I Ching oracle this means that: should focus on surrender. If one is able to surrender and completely accept the situation as it is this will enable this person to become creative again.

If one is overtaken by his ego the person is disconnected from the source, the inner truth and all creativity stops. Arousing is caused in order to get you back on the right path. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

I Ching lines interpretation

The I Ching hexagram consists of six lines. If lines are changing in your online I Ching Oracle consultation these should be included in your I Ching interpretation as well. Furthermore the I Ching lines have their separate interpretation.

The bottom I Ching line deals with reality, that what is. The second line is related to how you connect to others. Cause and effect how do you react?

The third line deals with your emotions and how to cope with them. The fourth line is related to making choices in order to remain on track. The fifth line represents the organising aspect of things.

It involves leadership, following up on ideals and planning. The I Ching top line has to do with spirituality. It concerns your tao, beliefs, religion and more.

First Line - I Ching interpretation

After the shock there will be laughter. Good fortune.

Second Line - I Ching interpretation

Surrender. Accept the loss you incur. In the end good fortune will follow

Third Line - I Ching interpretation

Prevent misfortune by acting wisely. Do not react impulsive. Practice present moment awareness.

Fourth Line - I Ching interpretation

Control your egotistic tendencies as these will only feed the resistance you feel. Observe the tendencies and as you do this your resistance will diminish immediately.

Fifth Line - I Ching interpretation

Repetitive shocks may occur. In order to obtain good fortune in the end remain true to proper principles.

Sixth Line - I Ching interpretation

If your inner world is affected in such a way by a shock that it is out of balance do not act. Return to stillness and restore your inner balance first.

The I Ching hexagram consists of two trigrams. Both are Chên - Thunder.

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