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I Ching oracle predictions

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The I Ching oracle instruction

The I Ching oracle module of the fortune teller is easy to use. Basically you can start the I Ching oracle right away or read more about the profoundness of the Book of Changes at the Fortune Teller's interpretation of the I Ching

I ching oracle I ching interpretation

Brief I Ching instruction in 3 steps

Step 1:
  • Ensure you have a clear mind
  • Ensure you have a proper question that is accurate and clear
  • Only ask serious questions to the I Ching. If you do not take the I Ching Oracle seriously it will not take you seriously either.

Step 2:
  • Press 'throw coins' and your first I Ching line will appear
  • Stay focussed on your question during tossing the coins!
  • If it is a full Yin or Yang line this is indicated by yin/yang sign
  • Repeat the 'throw coins' five more times

Step 3:
  • Obtain your I Ching oracle result by pressing 'Get result'
  • The I Ching result page will appear giving you all guidance necessary for your I Ching intepretation.

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