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I ching oracle

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I ching online oracle

Welcome to the I Ching online oracle. In order for the I Ching online oracle to be successful you need to be in a relaxed state of mind and focus on the question regarding your life situation while tossing the coins.

Remember that the question you ask the I Ching online oracle is an open question. Yes/no questions will not work! For instance you should ask the I Ching oracle: 'What will I do with my job?'. Instead of 'Shall I quit my job next week?'

After you have tossed the coins six times you can continue to the I Ching online interpretation. Changing lines (full yin or full yang) are indicated with a yin/yang symbol behind the broken (yin) or unbroken(yang) line. The interpretation of the I Ching will thereafter be told to you by the fortune teller.

Below you can find the six results of your coin throws