Moon Sign Astrology

Your Moon Sign gives you additional information about yourself based on Astrology.

Eager to know your Moon Sign? Fill in your data into the calculator, discover your Moon Sign and aferwards select your Moon Signto obtain your free Moon Sign Astrology prediction!

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Moon Sign Astrology

In Astrology the Moon Sign has an important role in describing one's personality. The Moon astro symbolizes the unconscious part of our personality. It is our inner self; the person who we are deep down. Our habits, reactions and instincts and the way we deal with our emotions. Not a lot of people are familiar with their Moon Sign as in Western Astrology the Zodiac sign (Sun sign) is often seen as the only way of determining someone's personality. But our characters are not as simple as that. Two persons with the same Sun sign can have completely different personalities.

The Moon Sign is linked to our emotional wellbeing and personal development. It shows our connection with our emotions and feelings. The Moon astro is the sign in Western Astrology which represents who we really are deep down and why we do the things we do. It is where we find comfort and peace but can also find fear and anger. For some people the Moon Sign describes their personality better than the traditional Zodiac sign (Sun Sign). This can very well be as the Moon Sign is so closely related to your core.

The Moon Astro is said to represent your instinct and intuition in Astrology. So it is the part of you that does things or feels things without thinking. As the feelings that you might experience can be strong, we tend to hide them from others. Often only our family and closest friends are familiar with them. It takes courage to connect with these feelings and share them with others. You'll have to show vulnerability on a profound level if you want to open up your inner self. But you'll see that once you practice connecting with your Moon Sign feelings, you can live your life more according to your true self. Discover your Moon Sign below!

Moon Sign Calculator

Calculating your Moon Sign is a bit more difficult than determining your Zodiac sign as it depends on your birth hour and place of birth. You can find a free Moon Sign calculator here and determine your Moon Sign. Below you'll find the descriptions for each of the Moon Signs.

Moon Sign Calculator instructions

  • Fill in your birth date, time of birth and birthplace and press NEXT. If you don't know your exact birth date use both 12.01AM and 11.59PM and read both of the Moon Sign descriptions.
  • Find the yellow Moon Sign image in the diagram, hover over it and check in the upper left corner which zodiac sign is your Moon Sign
  • Click on the related Zodiac Sign below the diagram to read the detailed info about your Moon Sign.
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