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Moon Sign Astrology - aquarius

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Aquarius Moon Sign - Astrology

Aquarius Moon Sign

People with the Aquarius Moon Sign are often interested in human growth. They are excellent observers and like to analyze the behavior of others. Moon in Aquarius at the time of birth means according to Astrology that these people are generous, friendly and humanitarian. Aquarius Moon Signs are often independent and can have the feeling that they are different from all other signs. This feeling of being different can even be exaggerated by expressing their uniqueness through the way they dress and present themselves. Aquarius Moon Signs can feel lonely at times as they are often misunderstood.

Often Aquarius Moon Signs are quiet and at times even shy. When they are in a bad mood they tend to turn inwards and give others the impression that they don't care. As well the Aquarius Moon Signs can become unpredictable as they are quite open to all the impulses that are around them.

Moon in Aquarius in Astrology is part of the Air sign which means that these are people who are often in their head instead of their heart. The Aquarius often takes pride in the fact that they are not led by negative emotions like fear or anger. They seem to disconnect from them. What the Aquarius Moon Sign doesn't notice is that they often disconnect from others as these Moon Signs do want to talk about these feelings. Aquarius Moon Signs should try to show some vulnerability and have the courageous to acknowledge the importance of emotions and feelings.

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