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Moon Sign Astrology - scorpio

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Scorpio Moon Sign - Astrology

Scorpio Moon Sign

People with a Scorpio Moon Sign are intense and passionate. Moon in Scorpio in Astrology is strongly connected to its emotions and tends to make decisions solely based on if it feels right for them. Scorpio Moon Signs are sensitive in the sense that they easily feel hurt. But they are also sensitive in the sense that they are able to see through people. They sense underlying emotions. Scorpio Rising signs prefer profound conversations over chitchat. The latter is something for which they lack interest.

Scorpio Moon Signs often have a soothing effect on others as they are good listeners and often understand people and their motivations. Moon in Scorpio in Astrology can become jealous or suspicious. They don't necessarily trust people at first sight and are afraid others might betray them. Honesty for them is the base of every relationship they have and they demand to get it from others. On the other hand, once trust is gained, Scorpio Moon Signs can be very loyal friends.

Moon in Scorpio is known for its great intuition. They seem to be well connected to their gut and often 'just know' things without having a proper explanation. Scorpio's are sometimes difficult to really get to know as they tend to be introverts. Scorpio Moon Signs should learn how to open up and trust others more easily.

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