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Numerology life path number 10

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Life path number - your numerology reading

Life path number 10

A person with life path number 10 is someone with a great range of expression. Your adaptability and flexibility are unmatched. Combine this with your born winner mentality and see that you are able to achieve great results and lead others to do the same.

Life path number 10 - Life's purpose

Your numerology reading says your life purpose is related to showing others the way. As you are attracted to the spotlight and inhibit a strong drive and determination many people admire you. Be careful that you don't become too selfish or arrogant when receiving this admiration. Focus your efforts on how you can help others achieve their goals. Apply your uncommon approach to solve their problems that need positive outcomes.

Life path number 10 - Love

According to your numerology chart you are someone with infinite potential and able to show lots of courage. Courage stems from the Latin word 'cor', which means Heart. Courage is speaking from your heart, speaking and acting honestly, allowing yourself to be vulnerable. As you are quite concerned with status, speaking honestly and being emotionally vulnerable might be challenging to you. in order for you to let love flow freely you will have to show your deeper emotions to your partner.

Life path number 10 - Positive numerology characteristics

  • Flexibe
  • Leadership
  • Independence

Life path number 10 - Negative numerology characteristics

  • Selfish
  • Dominant

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