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Tarot reading meaning

Tarot goes back to the 15th century and originated in Europe. Since the 18th century the tarot cards have been used widely as a map for spiritual guidance and future predictions. Here the fortune teller explains the meaning of tarot and how tarot reading works.

Meaning of tarot reading

The Tarot card deck consists of 78 cards. The Minor Arcana made up of 56 cards consists of four suits. Each suits consists of 10 pip cards and 4 faces cards. Next to that there are 22 cards known as the Major Arcana. The Fortune Teller currently only uses the Major Arcana. The reason is that the Major Arcana are related to the bigger secrets of life. The minor Arcana is related to the lesser secrets of life

Interpretation of tarot reading cards

Interpretation of tarot cards is a skill that needs to be developed. It is not just about the definition of a card. The tarot reading should keep in mind what theme or question is at stake. The interpretation of the tarot reading card should be derived from the subject. Does the question relate to work or is it related to love? Many interpretations and definitions exist. Below you will find more information per Major Arcana tarot card. In the future the Fortune Teller include the Minor Arcana also into the tarot readings. If you wish to study the subject in more detail already or wish to buy your own deck.

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