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Tarot prediction

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Your tarot card prediction

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Past: Judgment

Judgment symbolizes the salvation and liberation of what held us captive. On a spiritual level, you are exploring new paths that you would not have expected before. Be open to new ideas and new experiences. Judgment also indicates that we are responsible for the chain of cause and effect which occurs by means of our actions.

- Change - Hope - Spiritual development

Present: The Emperor

The Emperor stands for stability and security. He brings structure and discipline in our lives. Plans turn into reality. On a spiritual level you should take your time for the growth you seek. Focus not only on ratio, but give focussed attention to your feelings. Matters that require a lot of discipline, such as meditation, will be easier for you. The emperor uses his powers to protect the weak. He likes to share the knowledge he has with others who are open to receiving this knowledge.

- Realism - Responsibility - Pragmatism

Future: The Tower

The Tower stands for breaking down something we took for granted. This may concern our beliefs, interests or friendships. It means breaking down things we have outgrown. On a spiritual level new insights will arise. Stay positive and be open to the new meaning. Our limited view of reality blocks our understanding of the truth. We have come to believe that the tower that we have built higher and higher in the past is the only truth. However this is merely our own perception.

- Insight - Breakthrough - Liberation