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Tarot prediction

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Past: The magician

The magician is self-conscious and symbolizes overcoming problems. There is a great harmony between mind and intuition with which the magician may well affect reality. Spiritually, it is time to act. A form of study, or deeper discussions in this area will be beneficial to you. Possibly you meet a spiritual teacher in your life. This person is a good mentor for you and gives you new insights. The magician is very skilled, powerful and dynamic. "Watch out what you wish for because you might just get it"

- Agility - Concentration - Perseverance

Present: The Empress

The Empress represents the natural force that constantly creates life. Expect change in many ways. The announced changes will moreover be improvements to the status quo. On a spiritual level you will discover that your intuition is trying to send you a message. Listen carefully to the message. Even if this means that you should take a moment for yourself while others expect your attention. The Empress signifies unconditional love. It makes no demands. If we allow her love to flow through us, our fears disappear.

- Creative potential- Caution- Renewal

Future: The sun

The Sun represents vitality, optimism and warmth. It's about overcoming the darkness in ourselves. On a spiritual level you see the truth clearly. There is much beauty and joy. This is always there however sometimes you need to look for it more profoundly. The light of the sun is shining on the way forward. The road of hope and faith.

- Happiness - Success - Joy