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Buddha Zen Tarot focuses on The Now. It is based on the Wisdom of Zen Buddhism. It is the Wisdom that is life-affirmative and accepts all there is. This is different from the traditional tarot where the tarot cards mainly focus on future predictions. Buddha Zen Tarot cards focus on The Now also known as Presence and Mindfulness.

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Buddha Zen tarot


Your Zen tarot card states:

Creativity is connecting things in the bigger picture. Creativity is aroused by challenges and limits. The challenge brings Focus to the problem and creativity is needed in order to arrive at a solution.

In order to unleash your creative potential it is important to first understand that the whole situation is new and you have to fully accept it. Your only choice is to remain focused and allow for Presence in order to work with the infinite possibilities that the universe shares with you.

Increase your Creativity by cultivating a young and fresh mindset. Look at the big picture, this enables you to make new connections and allow mistakes. Sometimes you win, many times you learn. Trust that whatever you come up with is right and Focus.