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Buddha Zen Tarot focuses on The Now. It is based on the Wisdom of Zen Buddhism. It is the Wisdom that is life-affirmative and accepts all there is. This is different from the traditional tarot where the tarot cards mainly focus on future predictions. Buddha Zen Tarot cards focus on The Now also known as Presence and Mindfulness.

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Buddha Zen tarot


Your Zen tarot card states:

The feeling of Gratitude is a response to Loving Kindness. It is the positive emotion that you feel following help that you have received. This is different than a feeling of indebtedness where the emotion is connected to perceiving you are under an obligation to make some form of repayment.

If you experience Gratitude you are in Harmony with your Heart. You feel connected to everything that exists. Gratitude embraces Love and infinite possibilities.

To cultivate more Gratitude, Focus on the things you are grateful for. Some great minds and spiritual teachers cultivated Gratitude by:

  • keeping a Gratitude journal
  • expressing their Gratitude to people who have made a profound impact in their life. E.g. write them a letter or thank you note.
  • Saying 'thank you' often.