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Buddha Zen Tarot focuses on The Now. It is based on the Wisdom of Zen Buddhism. It is the Wisdom that is life-affirmative and accepts all there is. This is different from the traditional tarot where the tarot cards mainly focus on future predictions. Buddha Zen Tarot cards focus on The Now also known as Presence and Mindfulness.

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Buddha Zen tarot


Your Zen tarot card states:

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. It comes from within. It is your responsibility to use it wisely. Pursue your own goals that you find worthwhile. Live this Freedom as long as it does not deprive others from theirs. Be sure that your goals are based on proper principles that benefit our planet.

You always have the Freedom to choose. How limited your possibilities may look. You have the Freedom. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to choose the right way as anxiety, Fear or other negative emotions hold you back.

Freedom is the power to determine action without restraint. Freedom is from within and therefore depends on your clear and light mind. Cultivate your mind, Trust your Intuition and contribute to Freedom for all living beings.